School Applications

Parent Engagement, School Safety and Chronic Absenteeism

The app revolution

"Research shows that empowering parents with timely actionable information is among the most cost effective and scalable ways to improve student success."

The Average American spends more than two hours per day on his or her mobile device

Apps have 50% higher open rate than email

Apps are the fastest and most effective way to reach on-the-go parents

The school app provides busy parents with easy to access information 24/7 as well as timely actionable information delivered via push notifications.

Principals can significantly improve parent attendance to such events as Parent Night, Open House or Parent/Teacher conferences with reminder alerts.

Parent mandates and other Title 1 forms can be sent through the app to the parent’s device.

Progress Monitoring - Principals can easily see when, how many and which parents open and read notifications.

Help with Chronic Absenteeism

"Push notifications are a powerful tool for sending gentle “nudges” to parents with chronically absent students"

The main purpose being to educate the parents about the lasting effects of lost instructional time. Principals can check the dashboard to see when parents read the message.

A study by Georgia State University found the likelihood of chronic absenteeism dropped by 7.8% on average for each child whose parent was contacted by electronic messages. Read...

The following study shows the impact of sending gentle nudges to the parents of chronically absent elementary students to change misbeliefs. Read...

School apps are an important piece of a layered school safety plan.

Real time updates about school safety situations can be sent directly to parent devices via alerts.

An add-on module allows students to report incidences of bullying. Reporting can be done either anonymously or viewable by school administrators. Reporting can be done only by registered students.

During a severe ice storm, parents who had downloaded the DeKalb County (GA.) School District’s app were able to receive school closing and delay alerts in real time – a fact that earned praise for district officials, even as other district leaders were criticized for their delayed and confusing communication efforts.