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What we do

Mission statement

The app revolution

Connect For Schools is an organization that builds custom smartphone apps that are designed to maximize parent and community engagement.

To be the preferred provider of innovative smartphone apps in the global education marketplace. Our primary focus is improving student achievement.

"Research shows that empowering parents with timely actionable information is among the most cost effective and scalable ways to improve student success."


  • The Average American spends more than two hours per day on his or her mobile device         

  • Apps have 50% higher open rate than email

  • Apps have a 97% response rate

  • Apps are the fastest and most effective way to reach on-the-go parents

Parent Engagement

"The research is overwhelmingly clear. When parents play a positive role in their children's education, students do better in school". 

Learning First

Creating a standard of high parent involvement increases pressure on parents to participate. Douglas B. Downey

Teachers themselves rate family support in education as the most important factor in a student's success, ahead of their own teaching skills, according to a recent survey.